More than 35,000 High Quality Pathology Image  database demonstrating pathologic findings

Potential interest not only to pathologists, but also to dermatologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, otolaryngologists, urologists, gynecologists, pulmonologists, hematologists, infectious disease specialists, podiatrists, gastroenterologists, dentists, oral surgeons, and veterinarians.

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Mark R. Wick, M.D. Style: Professor of Pathology, Division of Surgical Pathology

Mark R. Wick, M.D. is a Professor of Pathology & Associate Director of Surgical Pathology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He received his undergraduate education at Carroll University (Waukesha, WI), his medical degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI), and his anatomic & clinical pathology

Mark R. Wick, M.D.

Potential Interest to Pathologists,

Dermatologists, Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Otolaryngologists, Urologists, Gynecologists, Pulmonologists, Hematologists, Infectious disease specialists, Podiatrists, Gastroenterologists, Dentists, Oral surgeons and Veterinarians.

Please Notice:

This resource is designed for students and workers in the health care sciences studying pathology. It is not a comprehensive guide to disease. As such the information may not be sufficient to address specific patient problems and these should be handled by health care providers familiar with the specific clinical details relevant to the individual.

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Set of 21 Modules by: Mark R. Wick, M.D
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    Mark R. Wick, M.D

Pathology Photo Store image database contains over 35,000 images with illustrative gross, macroscopic and microscopic pathologic findings along with radiographic imaging associated with human disease conditions.
" Health care providers have expressed increasing interest in the use of digital images as well as for gross photography and microphotographs. "
" A detailed search form allows locating images precisely and fast. The search result can be viewed as text or in a preview format with thumbnails. "
" This resource is designed for students and workers in the health care sciences. • Pathologists • Sender of biopsies • Authors of online documents and courses • Students • Medical doctors of all fields of specialty "



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